The Mooreheads
08/30 - Lenexa

Last in Line
08/31 - Lenexa

Trivia Tuesdays!! With Xtreme Trivia
09/02 - Lenexa

Jason Kayne
09/03 - Lenexa

09/04 - Lenexa

09/05 - Lenexa

Thin Ice
09/06 - Lenexa

SINGO Music Bingo
09/07 - Lenexa

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Bud Light Draws | Jaager or Fireball Shots
$2.50 Bud Light Pint Draws | Shots $3.00

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About us

lenexa_locationJerry’s Bait Shop, located in old town Lenexa, is your beach party bar specializing in delivering live music seven nights a week. Most of the acts booked here play rock, but blues bands turn up now and then. The food is high-quality bar grub, and the service is exceptional, even when the place is busting at the seams. The crowd at Jerry’s leans toward the 25-plus range, and a lot of the tan, healthy-looking people here look like they spend ample time at the lake.